Zippy Electrical Repair

Here at Columbus Licensed Electrician, we do it all, so you can have it all. Need an emergency circuit breaker repair at 4AM? Well, just let us know. From helping you with custom light fixture installation to electrical panel replacement, we’ve got all your home renovation and repair needs covered. Nobody deserves to go without the power they need in their home. Let us take care of you.

Our Services

Tired of using a dangerous web of extension cords to plug your appliances in where you want them? We do outlet installation, so you can get rid of those fire hazards. If that means we need to execute a new wiring installation, we will. Just the same, if you’ve got an inconveniently placed light switch, we relocate light switches. Should the worst happen, and you’re facing an emergency, we offer power restoration as well.

Columbus Licensed Electrician


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